Food and wine

The traditional cuisine of the Pisa area is as varied as its landscape, which reaches, from the sea, to the edges of the Chianti region. 

Food lovers can enjoy traditional dishes featuring either fish (stoccofisso (air-dried cod), or meat (hearty steaks from the local pisano breed of cattle and tripe, cooked “alla pisana”).

Those who insist on only the most sophisticated delicacies will be intoxicated by the distinctive aromas of the San Miniato truffle, while anyone seeking more specialist curiosities can discover the “Santa Maria a Monte” potato, the “Lari” cherry, the pecorino cheese of the Balze Volterrane, and the cecina, a savoury cake made with chickpea flour.

The Pisa province also boasts an ancient tradition of winemaking and offers a selection of fine white and red wines, amongst which the DOCG Chianti of the Pisan Hills, the DOC Montescudaio Red, the DOC white of the Val di Cornia, and the Chianti Vin Santo dessert wine are perhaps the most noteworthy.